Blank House was created as a prototype to test ideas of blankness in architecture to determine if blankness is achievable when a particular function is desired, such as that of the domestic.  On this site in Westwood, Los Angeles, a corner lot in a residential neighborhood sandwiched in between UCLA and Wilshire Blvd, the site itself had no redeeming qualities, making it perfect blank slate to test these objects in space.  The geometries are all the same, oriented differently, leaning on one another for structural integrity.  In one prototype, windows speckle the surfaces of the volumes, allowing for light and views from every room in the house while still trying to maintain the quality of blankness.  In the other study, slits are cut out along the edges of the volume and some corners are cut off to make apertures that have structural supports behind them, allowing light in, but not allowing any views out.