Wednesday Round Up Guest Post: Modern Beach Towels

Image via: JBirdNY

Image via: JBirdNY

Jess Davis here with another round up. Now that we have a pool at the #hotlantamidmod I've been on the hunt for cool beach towels. We have a bunch that I purchased in previous years at Ikea and Target but I'm realizing a few things.

1) you need exponentially more beach towels when you own a pool

2) a towel with a white background gets dirty very quickly especially when you have a dog

I want to get a whole bunch of towels that all work together and that I can have rolled up in a basket poolside or just inside the door (we will see how long this actually lasts - it sounds nice but I'm no Marie Kondo). I also have a pretty strict budget so finding quality towels that fit the bill: cheap, cool looking, good quality, not a white background - has been challenging. Here are some that I found that were cool. Not all of them fit the "Cheap" bill but I thought I'd share anyways. And what do you think of the Turkish flat weave towels? I could certainly fit more in a basket!

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