Plastic Free July - Day 12: Offset your carbon emissions

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Ok, so now that we are almost 3 weeks into this challenge, let’s talk about some other environmentally conscious things you can start doing now to help offset your carbon footprint. The first being just that: for everything negative that you are doing to the environment (flying, driving, working for a bad company, etc) you can buy carbon offsets. It goes without saying that your first line of defense should always be not to do the bad thing in the first place. But if you don’t live in an urban center where public transit is an option and you have to drive - drive the cleanest car you can afford, and then pay for the rest in carbon offsets.

If you are like me and you are a traveler and can’t begin to think about not flying ever again (how can we ever do this?!) Or also like me, you fly for business. Offset your carbon emissions!

I’ve started using but there are others.

To start, you can use this calculator to figure out how you are doing: