Wednesday Round Up: Kitchen Sinks

Is there anything more necessary in a kitchen than a big, deep, unobtrusive sink? I think not.

At my new Boston pad, I have the most glorious single basin, deeper than deep, undermount, stainless steel sink. It’s fantastic and I do not know how I’ve lived my whole life with dinky little sinks. Never Again!

If you have the space, go as wide as you can like with the 44” Kohler down there. The image I’m showing of it with the optional wood cutting boards in place illustrates a new way to think of the sink space in that it can double as more countertop space.

I’m also only showing undermounted and apron fronts because I would never specify a top mounted sink for my clients, so I won’t recommend one to you.

If anyone buys that 44 incher, please let me know!

bone collective studio | wednesday round up | big kitchen sinks.jpg