Wednesday Round Up: Modern Indoor Planters

I’m finally living in a place with gorgeous big south-facing (cathedral) windows. That means that this gal who always assumed she had a black thumb is finally making her mom proud and raising a bunch of new plant babies. Finding gorgeous planters that fit my minimal yet eclectic aesthetic was a big deal for me. I’m not one to typically like the kind with holes in the bottom (except now that I’ve found the dipped clay pot and stand below from Anthro!) But I’m finding that if you plant them correctly OR you keep the plants in a separate container inside of the planter - then you are good to go. It’s been close to 6 months with all my plant babies and they are thriving.

P.S. if anyone can figure out how the heck to keep herbs alive, please lmk asap. (Basil, I’m looking at you!)

wednesday round up | modern indoor planters | bone collective studio.jpg