Plastic Free July - Day 05: BYOWB

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Bring your own (reusable) water bottle.

It’s 2019…Why are you still buying bottled water? Sure, it’s a lifesaver when you forget your bottle or you are somewhere crazy hot and you’ve run out - but plastic filled bottles of water should be the exception, not the norm.

My BKR comes everywhere with me. It’s not my first water bottle, I’ve owned quite a few - and yes, they can get left places - planes, trains, and venues have been my top places to forget my bottle. But I do believe the nicer the water bottle, the less likely you are to lose it. You probably already have one, so an important thing to remember is that you shouldn't throw out everything you own that is plastic! If you already own it - the best thing that you can do for the environment is to keep using it! My husband uses a Nalgene bottle and as far as I’m concerned, always will. If it ever gets too beat up or lost, then we will switch to a plastic free version. Until then, let’s be nice to the environment and use the plastics we already have!

I'll admit that I’m not perfect about this. There are times that I find myself without my water bottle and in need of water. I look the best I can for a solution that doesn’t require me to waste plastic. Some things to look for if you are in that situation is to try to find a water fountain or a reusable glass to fill up.

If you don’t already own a water bottle or are looking to buy one for a friend or family member who needs a nudge away from Dasani, here are some of my favorites right now.