Plastic Free July - Day 07: Tote Bags for everything

Don’t forget your tote bags!

bone collective studio_plastic free July_tote bags

God knows you have at least 20 cloth tote bags or other various grocery bags lying around. Do yourself a favor now and put them all together in one place that you won’t forget when you are headed to the: 1. grocery store. 2. Target (or other big box store) 3. Pharmacy 4. Farmer’s Market

I’ve been lucky to live in two cities where plastic bags are outlawed. In 2009, right after moving to LA, they passed a law outlawing plastic bags at grocery stores (which doesn’t mean that retail stores and pharmacies didn’t still have them, FYI) Then, wouldn’t you know it: the day I moved to Boston, a law there went into effect banning plastic bags and charging a fee for paper bags.

Of course you already know that I always carry my re-usable bags with me. Here’s where I keep them and how I don’t forget:

  1. I have my farmer’s market bag all packed up with an extra tote bag inside the wide tote bag as well as all of my cloth produce bags. This is stored in my coat closet so I will grab it on my way out the door. In LA, we never had a coat closet (didn’t need one!) so I kept these in a console next to the door and when I was lazy, just sitting on the floor right next to the door

  2. Keep a ton of bags in the back seat or trunk of your car. That way, if you happen to shop while you are out when you didn’t expect to, your bags are already there! This is also the main place to keep your bags if you always drive to the grocery store and farmers market.

  3. Fold up a small tote bag and keep it in your purse or backpack. That way when you find yourself out and about and you decide to make a purchase, you can just whip out your tote bag to hold it in!

I’m going to be totally true to myself here and skip the affiliate links for totes that I think are ‘cute’

Here’s why: You don’t need your tote bags to be cute! These things should be functional and honestly, if you don’t have a million of them already from events, public radio, races, etc. Then take this as a notice that you should start going to more local events - like craft fairs and such. Or maybe sign up for that 5k you have been thinking about doing for some time now. Or donate to KCRW…you know they won’t shut up about it during their pledge drives. But if none of these things sounds good to you, go ahead and buy whatever tote you that speaks to you. I like to buy them sometimes when I travel. My favorite is the one I got from the Barcelona Pavilion with Mies van Der Rohe’s words “Less is More.”