Plastic Free July - Day 09: Just Say No to Straws

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What’s the big deal?

You might have already heard about this one: single-use plastic straws are beginning to be restricted and banned all over the country.

When this slowly started happening in Los Angeles last year, I didn’t think this was a big deal on me, since I don’t drink sodas. Until I realized my daily iced tea or iced latte from Coffee Bean would be more difficult to drink on the go. Thanks again to Plastic Free July last year, I bought my first glass straws.

Metal or Glass?

A lot of people prefer metal straws - go for whatever you like! As I write this, I’m sitting in The Wing, sipping an iced London Fog through a metal straw.

People often ask me about being scared drinking through a glass straw. Don’t worry, they won’t break in your mouth! They are very durable, thick glass, and not at all scary. I’m personally not into the metal because it gets too cold for my lips. Plus, the glass straws from Simply Straws, where I purchased mine, come in all sorts of fun colors and in their own little fabric case and include a brush to more easily clean them, even on the go!

Simply Straws just launched this frosted collection and I am obsessed with it!

Simply Straws just launched this frosted collection and I am obsessed with it!


On the Go

I’m a big fan for purchasing one that comes in a carrying case as you are more likely to remember to keep it in your backpack or purse. Or maybe you are often on the go in your car with your kids. If so, get one for each member of the family and keep them in your glove box. Check out the one below I found on Amazon with cute little bamboo carrying cases!

Always Paper over Plastic

Of course, you may find yourself at a bar, sipping a cocktail through a paper straw. That’s ok too! Paper is a great, compostable alternative to plastic if you must. There are also some hipster bars using actual straw straws which is just super cool. Or go without a straw! Whatever you do, being conscious of not using one time use plastic straws is a great start.