Plastic Free July - Day 18: Goodbye Fast Fashion

This is a new one to me over the past 6-9 months. It’s not cheap, the research can be tricky, but it is a way to simplify your life and do something better for the planet and people working in the clothing industry. I’m talking about investing in your attire instead of buying cheaply made crap that you might wear once before throwing it out. I’m also talking about purchasing from companies that produce their goods in sustainable ways, have appropriate work environments and wages for their laborers, and who aren’t making attire that is meant to be thrown out each season.

This article has been really helpful to me, in fact, since I found it a few months ago, I haven’t removed it from my open tabs yet so I can keep referring back to it any time I need to add something to my wardrobe.

Another thing that you might not be aware of yet is that a lot of clothing being made is made with plastic. That’s where this really fits into Plastic Free July. Polyester, Nylon, Acetate - these are all man-made plastics that will be on our earth for the foreseeable future. Even if you where that piece of clothing till the day you die - the fibers that are rubbing off with every wear, every wash, are getting into our oceans and causing harm to our marine life. The best thing you can start doing right now is to stop buying clothing that isn’t 100% natural materials. Cotton, Linen, Silk. These are your new friends.

Sometimes the sacrifices I have to make are challenging. I don’t love the idea of leather because I don’t eat cows, so I feel I shouldn’t be wearing them. However, I try to research the leather in my shoes before I purchase it and have found in most cases, it is a better deal for the earth than buying vegan leathers that are made of plastic.

Check out good on you (they also have an app) to see what brands are doing well.

I’d love to know what brands you are wearing and what your feeling about Slow vs Fast Fashion are, so leave a comment below!