Plastic Free July - Day 19: Composting!

Why the exclamation point? Because I love composting!

This is a totally new concept to me since last year. When I started down this Plastic Free July path, I learned about everything I could. I quickly realized how ridiculous it is that we (Americans) are throwing our compostable goods into landfills where they can’t properly decompose back into the earth as they are meant to be. Plus, these compostable items are taking up even more space in those landfills.

But how does a city apartment living person compost?

Well, moving to Boston it has actually become much easier! Cambridge, like Santa Monica, has it’s own city composting with green bins. Unfortunately the cities I have actually lived in - LA and Boston - don’t offer this service yet. But Boston has quite a few options like Bootstrap Compost (which has an associated fee), Project Oscar (which is free and where I was dropping off my compost for the first few months of the year), or you can do what I currently do: Drop your compost into your local Whole Foods compost bin. For me, this is the most convenient because I live just a block from the SoWa Whole Foods, so I just walk my compost over when my bag is full.

Ok, but how do you store your compost? I bought this super cute little container which I quickly learned is best kept in the freezer (if you aren’t able to drop off your compost scraps every day) Even though it’s great at blocking the smell of the rotting food, I found when I would drop my scraps off at the end of the week (In LA, I did so at the Motor Avenue farmers market) that everything would be totally moldy, which is just gross.

Ok, so since I’m a bit lazy with this, I now have an old Forever 21 plastic bag (repurpose and reuse, what’s up?!) that lives in my freezers and holds a few weeks worth of food scraps, paper towels, egg crates, and the like. When it’s full, I take it to the Whole Foods or Project Oscar drop. My little compost bin is now used for the “good scraps” like cucumber and onion skins, potato skins, and other ends of veggies so that when it is full, I make broth!

So, don’t you think it’s time your started composting? Give it a try and let me know how it goes!