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Wednesday Round Up: Kitchen Sinks

Is there anything more necessary in a kitchen than a big, deep, unobtrusive sink? I think not.

At my new Boston pad, I have the most glorious single basin, deeper than deep, undermount, stainless steel sink. It’s fantastic and I do not know how I’ve lived my whole life with dinky little sinks. Never Again!

If you have the space, go as wide as you can like with the 44” Kohler down there. The image I’m showing of it with the optional wood cutting boards in place illustrates a new way to think of the sink space in that it can double as more countertop space.

I’m also only showing undermounted and apron fronts because I would never specify a top mounted sink for my clients, so I won’t recommend one to you.

If anyone buys that 44 incher, please let me know!

bone collective studio | wednesday round up | big kitchen sinks.jpg

Wednesday Round Up Guest Post: Modern Beach Towels

Image via: JBirdNY

Image via: JBirdNY

Jess Davis here with another round up. Now that we have a pool at the #hotlantamidmod I've been on the hunt for cool beach towels. We have a bunch that I purchased in previous years at Ikea and Target but I'm realizing a few things.

1) you need exponentially more beach towels when you own a pool

2) a towel with a white background gets dirty very quickly especially when you have a dog

I want to get a whole bunch of towels that all work together and that I can have rolled up in a basket poolside or just inside the door (we will see how long this actually lasts - it sounds nice but I'm no Marie Kondo). I also have a pretty strict budget so finding quality towels that fit the bill: cheap, cool looking, good quality, not a white background - has been challenging. Here are some that I found that were cool. Not all of them fit the "Cheap" bill but I thought I'd share anyways. And what do you think of the Turkish flat weave towels? I could certainly fit more in a basket!

Wednesday Round Up | Beach Towels | Bone Collective Studio

Wednesday Round Up: Modern Indoor Planters

I’m finally living in a place with gorgeous big south-facing (cathedral) windows. That means that this gal who always assumed she had a black thumb is finally making her mom proud and raising a bunch of new plant babies. Finding gorgeous planters that fit my minimal yet eclectic aesthetic was a big deal for me. I’m not one to typically like the kind with holes in the bottom (except now that I’ve found the dipped clay pot and stand below from Anthro!) But I’m finding that if you plant them correctly OR you keep the plants in a separate container inside of the planter - then you are good to go. It’s been close to 6 months with all my plant babies and they are thriving.

P.S. if anyone can figure out how the heck to keep herbs alive, please lmk asap. (Basil, I’m looking at you!)

wednesday round up | modern indoor planters | bone collective studio.jpg

Wednesday Round-Up: Round Coffee Tables

Sometimes a space calls for a rectangular coffee table, other times, it calls for a round one. My new space in Boston has a rather small living room of which a round coffee table was definitely called for. The first one in this round up from West Elm is one I wish had been around when I was purchasing for my new space as I would have definitely bought it! Instead, I bought this one. But I love all of these! Leave me a comment to let me know which is your favorite.

round coffee tables.jpg

Wednesday Round-Up: Go-To Pendants

I love a good, simple pendant. I think pendants are great over breakfast tables, kitchen islands, and powder rooms (the cedar and moss below is what I sourced for Midnight Midcentury. shhhh) And the west elm pendant shown here? It’s in my living room!

pendants for any room in the home

#GimmeThatDesign Installment 2

Thanks for coming back. I’m thrilled that you are enjoying this new series: #GimmeThatDesign. If you are new around here this is meant to be fun and educational. In this series, I will use an image of a beautiful space that I love and I will source furniture and materials to give you that design for yourself.

Today’s installment features this beautiful vignette of Hotel Odeon in Copenhagen designed by Co.Designstudio in collaboration with textile designer Barbara Bendix Becker as seen in this article on Design Milk.

design 2.jpg

Wednesday Round -Up: Soft Statement Chairs

Just popping in really quickly to show you some statement lounge seating that I’m currently loving. These all have that that fat, soft look to them. Which one is your favorite?

statement chairs, modern, designed, style, soft, furniture, interior design

#GimmeThatDesign, Installment 1

Welcome to the first of a new series. #GimmeThatDesign is meant to be fun and educational. In this series, I will use an image of a beautiful space that I love and I will source furniture and materials to give you that design for yourself.

I would love to hear from you. If you have a design that you would like featured in the series, send the image along with the designer and photographer, as well as where you found the design to Taryn (at)

Get the look from Fabrio Fantolin designed apartments in Turin, Italy as featured in this article on Dezeen.

photo by Giorgio Possenti and styling by Tom Design

photo by Giorgio Possenti and styling by Tom Design

Gimmee that Design Interior Design

Guest Post: Why You Should Hire A Designer for Your Next Remodel

Today, I bring to you the first guest post for Bone Collective Studio Stories, our newly revamped blog. I recently realized that many of my clients were actually reading the blog, though I hadn't posted anything new in well over a year! Yikes! Sorry about that. With this new "Stories" section, I'll be providing quick doses of fun reads to help educate you about the design and architecture process. Have a burning question that myself or my team of experts can answer for you? Send away to

Today’s post is from Ariana Lovato. Take it away, Ariana!

Why You Should Hire a Designer For your Next Remodel

I’m the first one to admit it - Designers get a bad rap of walking into the door and the dollar signs just start pouring out.

After all, Designers are just spending people’s money every day while they drink champagne and shop, right?! 

girl on phone.jpg

Okay, sarcasm aside, I’m here to tell you that that’s not really the case.

Sure, we shop and spend other people’s money. But we are doing this with the intention of creating a beautiful, functional and safe environment for our clients.

Let’s start from the top.

Interior Design, by definition, is the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building.


When it comes to designing a space, there are so many moving parts involved. From the style and height of the baseboard, to the lighting, to the space planning, to the cabinetry and the furniture, a Designer’s job is to ensure everything works together in beautiful harmony.

Not only do these decisions and specifications need to be made in a cohesive manner, they also have to be made quickly in order to help keep projects moving along.

Now let’s say you were looking to remodel your kitchen.

You’ve seen a few HGTV shows and it seems like you know what you like. Maybe something along the lines of Fixer Upper but maybe with a modern twist.

Let’s see… you’ll need to pick out new cabinets, new countertops, backsplash, appliances, lighting and plumbing fixtures.

Seems easy enough.

First of all, you have to determine your cabinetry style.

A simple Shaker frame sounds about right.

Honeycomb Home Design, Marcel Alain Photography

Honeycomb Home Design, Marcel Alain Photography

OK, next decision, the cabinetry kitchen layout.

How do you work in the kitchen?

Where do you prep?

How many cooks are in the kitchen at one time?

Do you entertain often?

What kind of appliances are you needing?

Do you want flush inset cabinetry or full overlay?

All of these are super important questions to ask yourself during this layout process.

Feeling overwhelmed yet?

Here’s where hiring a Designer for your next remodel comes into play.

Not only are we there to make these decisions with you, we’re there to guide you through this entire process and prevent you from the stress of a remodel.

To the person that does not do this for a living, sure, all of those questions would probably result in, “ummm I’m not sure???”

We find out what your objectives are and how to fulfill them in the most cost effective and stylish way possible.

Entertain a lot? OK, you’ll need an island with some seating.

Do you and your partner end up in the Kitchen at the same time? OK, we’ll need to make sure your island and your perimeter countertops are at least 48” apart to allow enough room.

Farmhouse with a modern twist?

Let’s bring in some white shaker cabinets, white Quartz that looks like marble, mix in some darker cabinetry, and some elongated subway tiles and some fun dark metal pendants.

Honeycomb Home Design, Marcel Alain Photography

Honeycomb Home Design, Marcel Alain Photography

Trusting a Designer to not only design but to help guide you through your next remodel is one of the best decisions you could make, we promise!

The Hive-38.jpg

Today's Guest Post comes to you from Interior Designer, Ariana Lovato. In 2016, Ariana founded Honeycomb Home Design in Arroyo Grande along California's Central Coast. She received an Associate Degree in Interior Design from FIDM and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of LaVerne. When she's not designing your dream home, she is spending time with her husband and their four pugs as well as being very active in her community.