Frame Denim, Melrose Place, Los Angeles
Updates Completed December 2016.

Taryn worked as Lead Designer and Project Manager on Frame Denim's flagship Melrose Place Store while at Johnston Marklee. The design was eventually moved to Swedish designer, Christian Hallerod, but she continued to act as Project Manger and Local Architect under JML's tutelage.

After leaving the firm to begin her own practice of BC Studio, the client approached Taryn to do the work of changing some things in the store in order to have better merchandising capacities. The new work was to remove a wood pony wall that blocked the entry view from Melrose Place, opening the whole shop up to the street. The next step was integrating railing into the four bays of the major marble and wood shelving unit. Overall, the new work has helped the brand to better merchandise their clothes and brings more people into the store to shop.